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The Cambridge Program offers an international, pre-university curriculum and examination system that emphasizes the value of a broad and balanced study for academically able students.

The Cambridge curriculum aims to encourage the skills of independent research and investigation, the use of initiative and creativity and the application of knowledge and skills. A range of assessment techniques is used. Emphasis is placed on the use of externally marked examination papers by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and on compulsory practical work where appropriate.

An important principle of this examination system is that students are rewarded for positive achievement – what they know, understand, and can do – rather than being penalized for an accumulation of errors. This requires students to demonstrate a high level of literacy and the ability to organize knowledge and ideas to produce reasoned, written responses.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a curriculum that provides a strong preparation for higher-level courses such as Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) and A.P. For the many courses students are required to sit for an external examination administered by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Upon successful completion students receive individual subject certificates.

For more information on the Cambridge Program, please visit http://www.cie.org.uk/countries/usa.

Cambridge Student Profile

Cambridge student outcomes:

  • Confident in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others
  • Investigative with topics and ideas by widening their reading of relevant sources
  • Responsible for themselves, responsible to and respectful of others
  • Reflective as learners, developing their ability to learn
  • Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges
  • Engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference.
  • Application of their learning through practice

What are the CAPS admission requirements?

Admission to the CAPS will be based on the following:

  1. Minimum 3.0 G.P.A.
  2. FSA Reading & Mathematics passing score
  3. Satisfactory teacher recommendations
  4. Writing sample (required for ALL students)
  5. Exemplary attendance and discipline records