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Volunteer Hours

Meaningful parent involvement in a child’s education is crucial for his or her success, therefore every effort will be made to keep parents engaged and informed. Parent volunteering opportunities are available at Governors Charter Academy and individualized to meet the needs, demands, and capabilities of the individual student/family. This volunteer plan has the intention of providing increased parent visibility in the School, which will show students that they are supported in their academic endeavors.

Governors Charter Academy encourages parents to provide 20 hours of volunteer hours for the first child, and 10 hours for all additional siblings. A total of 30 hours is recommended for families with 2 or more children. It is our belief that the more involved parents are in their child’s education; the better the student will perform academically.

Your child’s teacher can provide you with ideas about the many ways you can assist in the classrooms as well as after school hours in order to earn your volunteer hours. There are many opportunities for parents to assist at the school with or without planning ahead of time. Volunteers must be available to follow instructions given by the teacher and cannot have younger children with them that would require some of their attention. Volunteers should make arrangements for younger children to be cared for at home.

Remember to bring valid identification (drivers license or state issued id) when you are volunteering at a school. Please first stop at the main office to sign in, have your id scanned, and a badge issued to you. All volunteers must be scheduled with a teacher/staff member prior to volunteering or our office staff will identify a location in the school where your services are needed at that time.