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GOV-stemOn October 27th, Governors Charter Academy hosted its Inaugural “STEM Knight” to help kick off the Science Fair. Principal, Dr. Adriane Peters, had a vision of an event that would engage, excite, and encourage students into giving their best efforts on science fair projects. Entities from around Tallahassee were invited to campus to join in the festivities.

The FSU Magnet Lab provided materials that our own Mr. Howard used to wow the students about light waves and refraction. “High Touch, High Tech” allowed the students to create their own model of a cell. The Challenger Center had a demonstration on electricity and magnetism, and “Sea to See” brought a touch-tank full of sea life for GCA students to learn about. Lastly, our very own Mr. Oliver and Mr. Snowden demonstrated a variety of spooky science tricks with dry ice.

Students who attended received a free science fair display board. The event was a tremendous success, with approximately 250 attendees. Students and parents were all smiles from start to finish. We can’t wait for next year’s event!